• Hoffi – Retail design


    Berlin has the “Spätkauf”, Cologne the “Büdchen” and Frankfurt the “Wasserhäuschen” – the little shop around the corner where we find beverages and other supplies for daily needs. The face behind the counter is familiar. You go there, exchange a few words about the neighbourhood and feel welcome. On the other side of the coin is the supermarket with a greater product range, but often lacking personal contact. Getränke Hoffmann, the beverage store chain, commissioned Dan Pearlman to create a store concept that combines both into one. Visualadvice collaborated on the concept and the visual identity of the store.
    And as well as to the new brands in store communication. The urban Späti-culture of Berlin served as the inspiration for the retail and corporate design. The aim was to develop a concept that revolutionizes Getränke Hoffmann’s small neighbourhood stores, takes into account basic principles of customer identification with “his” Hoffi and sets itself apart from the anonymity of supermarket shopping. The new brand name “Mein (My) Hoffi,” in combination with the respective neighbourhood, is also geared toward developing personal customer connection.