• Converse – Made By You


    Converse’s Chuck Taylor sneakers are without a doubt one of the most famous shoes in the world. For generations they have been a trademark shoe worn by teenagers and adults alike. Although these shoes were originally designed to be basketball shoes, they can also be worn in a variety of different occasions, ranging from music to sport to about anything. The fashion icon is an expression of the personality of each respective shoe wearer. Moreover, hardly any other shoe has arguably the same charm
    and attractiveness, because the older shoes get, the filthier they become. This is exactly what the spring campaign of Converse developed. Visualadvice in collaboration with Dan Pearlman implemented this campaign locally for the German, Austrian and Switzerland market. In more than 230 stores such as Görtz, Humanic, Sidestep, Our Local Heros, and Snipes. The campaign included mechanical window animations and a special photo boot for shoes.